Erasmus+ Workplacement – Jonas Gattringer

My name is Jonas Gattringer from 4AK and in this report I want to tell you about my work placement in Dublin with the Erasmus + program. I work in at a solicitor with the name Carey Solicitors. A solicitor is an attorney permissioned to practice law in the lower courts. My work at the office consists of getting and scanning the mail and of other supporting duties. Although these are quite basic tasks I get a great insight into the company and I also get to know the Irish way of working. Usually my day starts at eight o clock. After having breakfast I take the bus to get to the office. My first duty in the morning is to walk to the P.O. Box for the mail. After that my colleagues will appoint other tasks for me. In the lunchtime we usually grab a sandwich and I will leave again by four o clock. 

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