Erasmus+ Workplacement – Florian Hochreiter

My name is Florian Hochreiter from 4AK and in the course of the Erasmus+ programme I am working for Riverview Business Assist here in Dublin. My company is responsible for the accounting of small and medium sized Irish businesses. Accountancy is a major field for interns in Ireland and I am glad to contribute to that. My work at Riverview consists of data entry and sheet filing. Altough these tasks are very basic I notice an advantage in them for my further working life.

I work together with two colleagues that are truly helpful when I am in need of assistance and try to make working as pleasurable as possible. The flexible working hours are most definitely another benefit of Riverview. Sometimes I only work for five hours a day. Of course that depends on whether I get my work done in that time or not. All in all I can only recommend taking part in the Erasmus+ programme and making an internship at an Irish company.

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