Erasmus+ Workplacement – Caroline Hromek

I currently work for McHale Muldoon Solicitors, which is a firm close to the city’s center, as an intern. During this time, I was responsible for bringing documents to the various offices in the city and in the court and having them processed. I also opened new files on existing cases. These had to be additionally sorted. 

My job once involved typing a 1970s contract into my computer. Because I am given different tasks every day, my job never becomes monotonous, which is something I like about it. 

Generally, the work environment is quite pleasant. Although my coworkers are incredibly polite, their accents can occasionally be a challenge to understand. Near my place of employment, there are some charming little coffee shops and an excellent doughnut shop. I adore visiting that area. Despite the cold, I like spending time in Dublin. 

Kind regards 
Caroline Hromek 

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