Erasmus+ Workplacement – Marlene Lengauer

I start to work at 10am. I work in a company called ICOT College. It is a language school in the middle of Dublin. It’s not that big and it exists for 10 years now. When I arrive in the morning at ICOT college there are always the things I have to do on my table. I work in a room with a colleague. He is very nice and friendly. I always understand all the tasks he assigned me and they are pretty simple.

Most of the time I have to check if students wrote in the books, because it isn‘t allowed to write in them. If someone wrote in the books I have to erase it. I always walk between two building which are very small. I have to bring some things in the other office for example books or letters. Moreover I also work with the computer. I have to sent E-mails to the students. I do also have to order documents which isn‘t that much fun. Overall, I always have something to do and I really enjoy working in this company. 

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