Erasmus+ Workplacement – Katja Reisinger

I’m Katja Reisinger from 4BK and I work for Dangan Group in Dublin as part of the Erasmus+ programme. In the mornings, I get to Dangan Group at around nine, make myself a cup of coffee and go sit down at my desk. If not given a task, I ask my supervisor for one. Some tasks take a few hours, some keep me busy for a few days. At 12, I take my lunchbreak, which is usually spent outside with a sandwich from Dunnes or at the Mc Donalds nearby. Close to my leaving time I make sure all high priority work has gotten done and finish for the day at 4.

The company I work for, Dangan Group, specialises in three sectors: Cleaning, Supplies and Recruitment. I work in the latter of the three. Recruitment is the process of finding, screening and eventually onboarding qualified job candidates. This means their clientele consists of applicants and companies. Applicants, which are people seeking employment, work with Dangan Group to find suitable work for them. Other companies, in this case for example Aldi (in Austria, Hofer), partner with Dangan Group to get their jobs offers out there and hire more employees.

My job within the recruitment process is to ensure all that of the data within the CR (Customer Relationship) database is correct. Since the company is in the process of switching from one database to another, Access to JobAdder, all relevant data has to be transferred. As there is no other way than to do it manually, it is quite a tedious job, but it has to be done. Those are my main tasks, checking the data and entering it into the new system.

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