Erasmus+ Workplacement – David Höbarth

Hello, my name is David Höbarth, I’m in 4JK class and I work here, in Ireland, at Irish Mortgage Brokers within the Erasmus+ program. As a so-called „broker“, the company is specialised in brokering suitable offers from service providers, in this case mortgage loans, to customers and providing these customers with the best possible service. For this purpose, there is also a website on which everything is handled and on which the customers of Mortgage Irish Brokers are always kept up to date on the mortgage business by means of blogposts.

My job is to write these blogposts in English. To do this, I need to build up a good overview of what is happening in the mortgage world over the course of the morning and then pick a topic that I think is particularly important to our clients. I then write a blog post in English about the chosen topic in the afternoon, which should be about 500 words long. I like my job because I find it exciting to delve so deeply into the world of Irish mortgage lending and because the long texts in English that I write every day allow me to greatly improve my writing style.

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