Erasmus+ Workplacement – Sarah Luger

During our stay in Dublin within the Erasmus+ programme, I work at Regus Harcourt Centre. Regus is a company providing office spaces and meeting rooms for businesses all around the world and Harcourt Centre is one of their locations situated in the centre of Dublin.

My tasks are mostly related to the daily mail. As I work at the front desk I have to handle the post for all the clients renting offices at Harcourt Centre, which includes sorting, scanning and distributing them in the five floor building. Furthermore, I have to take care of the buildings kitchen and meeting rooms and help out with any tasks at hand. My colleagues are lovely and don‘t hesitate to help me if needed.

As one of my friends is working nearby, we usually spend our lunch break together and try out new food in a handful of Dublins brilliant restaurants. My working hours are pretty humble, so I have a lot of time to explore the city, enjoy the street musicians and meet with friends.

I definitely don’t regret applying for the Erasmus + project, as the experiences you gain are priceless. So whenever such a chance comes up I would never hesitate to take it.

Sarah Luger, 4AK

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